Bath enamel repair

Bathrepairuk is one of the best for bath enamel repair.  We have over 10 years of carrying out repairs. As a result, we are one of the best for enamel bath repair out there. And we will get the job done correctly first time, every time.

We carry out a wide range of surface repairs including enamel bath chip repairs. In addition to acrylic bath repairs, all types of bath resurfacing, chipped or cracked shower tray repairs, porcelain sinks, wc porcelain bidets and many more.

Why use us for your bath enamel repair?

Is your main concern when your bath has been chipped to obtain a near invisible bath enamel repair that lasts?

  • Then we have the solution for you
  • We have a wide experience in the repair of enamel baths with hundreds of repairs that have lasted years.

We use of the best systems of damage bath investigation and repairs.  Therefore, we offer bath enamel repair that have:

  • Perfect contours – you can’t feel any raised or dipping in the repair area
  • Brilliant colour matches – making the repair very difficult to discern
  • Durable coating – allows you to enjoy the bath just as if it had never been damaged. In fact, our coatings don’t get damaged by the usually bath cleaning products like Viakal that makes enamel surfaces dull (N.B we have a solution for that too)

Our repairs (bath enamel repair) are a virtually invisible with near perfect colour matches.

Moreover, we also utilise a special process that eliminates coating discolouration during the baths lifetime.  At bathrepairuk, we are not aware of any system that performs better.

Resting on our Laurels? No chance we are constantly on the searching for ways to improve our service to you!

Bathtub repair is more cheaper than replacement.

The cost of a new bathtub with installation can be any price from £2,00o upwards.  You might be tempted to repair your bathtub yourself using a bathtub repair kit.  But this would not achieve the desired result as you will not achieve a long lasting result and the end result would not be great. So, do not attempt to repair it yourself.  Our team of specialist can repair cracks, chips, acrylic enamel, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, toilets and sinks.

In conclusion, we have a proven history of achieving excellent result. Enquire today and we will give you an estimate for your bath enamel repair.

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