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Acrylic Bath Repairs

People are often surprised to find that acrylic baths (plastic bath repair) can be effectively repaired. Often it it thought once it cracks or has a chip that’s the beginning of the end.

The good news is acrylic baths can be repaired effectively!

It doesn’t matter if its a chip or a crack – we can repair your acrylic bath.

How can we guarantee that they can be repaired effectively?

Plastic or acrylic baths are made from a material that can be bonded with at a molecular level.
A bit like a plant graft.

The new added section simply fuses completely into the original almost as if it was always there.

Even with cracks there are special techniques that ensure that the crack repair remains strong and waterproof.

Naturally we would need to investigate why the crack occurred in the first place.

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Bath Chip Colour Match Guarantee

*We guarantee a near invisible repair where there is no colour difference observable 1 metre or more from the repaired area. The guarantee excludes differences in shine - newly repaired areas will have an "as new" lustre, whereas older surfaces may have a slightly different depth of shine.

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Got a chip or a crack? Don't despair, call Bath Chip Repair on 077 100 98 99 0