Shower tray repairs

Got the headache of a damaged shower tray? We are experts in the area of shower tray repairs!

Thinking it means expensive replacement cost is necessary?

If any of the answers to this question is yes then WE CAN HELP.

We have an extensive experience of repairing shower trays

Types of shower tray repairs:

  • Chipped shower tray
  • Cracked shower tray
  • Cracked shower tray waste
  • Peeling shower tray top coat
  • Shower tray types:
  • Stone resin with acrylic cap
  • Plastic with stone substrate
  • Plastic / polyurethane
  • Pressed steel
  • Raised or flat
  • Coloured shower trays
  • Plus stone replica shower trays
  • Matt coloured shower tray

We offer shower tray repairs and offer the best guarantee in the industry. We will offer you our guarantee and we can assure you that your shower tray will not flake, lift or peel.

It is costly to replace a shower tray and replacement does take time.  But our repairs would only take around 2 hours and your shower would be ready to use after few hours of carrying out the repair to your shower.

We repair lots of shower trays on a monthly basis. So, we are experts at shower tray repairs.  We repair cracks, scratches, chips, leaks to a shower tray and all our shower tray repairs are not noticeable.

Is your shower tray moldy, worn or outdated?  We will repair it for you and it will look like new again.

Reasons to use us for shower tray repairs:

  • Most people cannot tell the difference between a shower we have repaired and a new one
  • Fix chips, cracks and worn out areas
  • We get rid of any ugly stains or molds
  • Restore your shower to its original colour or use a new colour if you wish
  • Bathrepairuk will ensure your shower look and feel brand new

See our picture gallery for the types of repair our customers are delighted with

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