Acrylic bath repairs

Acrylic bath repairs are effectively carried out by bathrepairuk when you come to us.

Can acrylic / plastic baths be repaired?

Short answer is YES!

A lot of people are surprised when they find out that acrylic baths can be repaired.

They’re even more shocked to discover that even if there is a fist sized hole in the bath – No matter what part of the bath – we can still repair it.

Bathrepairuk love repairing acrylic baths!

We utilise one of the best systems of repair available for the repair of your bath.

On your repair, we use the most one of the best systems of bath damage investigation & repair. These systems allow us to ensure your repairs have:

  • Perfect contours – you can’t feel any raised or dipping in the repair area
  • Brilliant colour matches – making the repair very difficult to discern
  • Durable coating – allows you to enjoy the bath just as if it had never been damaged. In fact our coatings don’t get damaged by the usually bath cleaning products like Viakal that makes enamel surfaces dull (N.B we have a solution for that too)
  • Flexes in a similar manner that acrylic baths flex (SEE NOTES BELOW) – this is IMPORTANT because if there isn’t enough flex in the repair then the repair can “snap” like a biscuit or tear. We use materials that have “strands” which anchors itself at a molecular level to the area surrounding your repair. That way even if your bath flexes our repair will remain strong and durable.
  • Acrylic baths and our repairs are not designed, nor can they be structural. If inadequate structural support for the bath results in excessive bath flex, then additional structural support will be required before the repair can be effected.

When we carry out acrylic bath repairs we can colour match your bath and do a spot repair on it.  Bathrepairuk are often called to repair items that have been repaired by other Repairers.  We do fast repair to your chipped bath, cracked shower tray, sink etc.

The area that we repaired are gently blended into the surrounding external area so that it is not visible to the eyes.  We have extensive experience, hence our artistic eye for colour when it comes to chipped and cracked repairs to your bath, sink or shower tray.

All our acrylic bath repairs are covered by guarantees. We will offer you a free quote with no obligation.
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